Comedian/ actress, Cocoa Brown discusses her upcoming movie Single Mom’s Club. In the Tyler Perry film, Brown plays Lydia, the overprotective single mother of five children– two of which are incarcerated. Her goal to keep her youngest boy from following in the footsteps of the older ones causes her to lose focus of herself and her love life. That is, until her love interest Terry Crews comes along and forces her to love herself and allow herself to be loved by others. Brown sums up her role in the movie as “life imitating art” because while she was filming, she was separated from her husband and was in fact, a single mom.

The larger than life actress also revealed that we will have a chance to see a different dynamic of Cocoa Brown during her new show,”Parental Discretion,” on Nick at Night.

Watch the video below for our full interview with Cocoa Brown and be sure to check out Single Mom’s Club, in theaters March 14, 2014.

5 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown’s life imitates art in her latest film, Single Mom’s Club

  1. Cocoa
    I saw you in Manchester CT, this past summer at the Funny Bone Club. My daughter had tickets knowing the reason I watch For Better or Worse is because I LOVE your character. Was so happy that they started having episodes based on you. Which you can make a man want you without having the money and success at the beginning of a relationship. I loved what happened with and Richard. It wasn’t about what he had but letting him know connection and feelings is where it start. All the rest falls in place because you weren’t going for the material things.
    I actually turned a lot a people on that show because of. You do make the show.
    I show the picture we took together to everybody plus put it on Facebook. You are so beautiful and funny I loved your act. Believe me you come back to CT I will be there. You are funny and keep the audience laughing

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